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Your Google+ profile is your identity across all Google products. The more active you are on Google+, the more people will want to check out your profile (just like on other networks), and the more opportunities you will have to grow your network.

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Your Google+ Profile is an amazing branding tool, because of the feature-rich sections it offers to people and business pages. If you want to get the most out of this space, you need this checklist. 

BUT, you can't have it, I'm sorry. See, there have been too many changes to Google+ of late, and my business is no longer focused on Google+. So I've pulled the checklist from distribution. 

The only reason I'm keeping this page active is because it's linked to from a lot of places on the web. But unless I can help you with email marketing, content marketing, or web strategy, there's nothing else we can do together. 

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29-point Google+ Profile Optimization Checklist


Settings Optimization

A well-tuned profile is great, but combining it with optimal notification settings is better.


Bonus material

Links to some of the most helpful resources for Google+ on the web, all in one spot.

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